Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When ITS TIME for a Handover

In my post on handing over a process or any responsibility (can be read 'here'), I had listed the steps to hand over a process or any responsibility. My friend Usha (, came up with a way to make it 'sticky*' by using the sentence ITS TIME and relating the message to each of the letters.

My thanks to her for the pain taken to make the message catchy. Now over to the message.

Identify a successor.
Train your successor.
Share work with your successor, while front-ending activities.

Tell all stakeholders.
Induct the person formally; let him/her manage Normal Scenarios while you remain in the background.
Move in to manage exceptions, if needed.
Exit when you are not needed to manage the exceptions.

Hope ITS TIME will make it easier to remember ‘what to do’, when its time to hand over any responsibility.

*Sticky: A term popularized by the book ‘
Made to Stick’ by Heath brothers

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