Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to hand over a process or any responsibility....

Projects, by definition, have a start date and end date. At the macro level, the Project Manager is responsible for the Project Outcome. But at the micro level, the Project Manager has to take care of many things. One of their important duties is to prepare (themselves, the team and other stake holders) to pass on their responsibility, to another person.

While there are different aspects of managing this hand over/transition, given below is the thumb rule that I follow, when I have to hand-over/transition responsibility.

  1. Give the background, educate and prepare the identified person.
  2. Educate/inform team and other stake holders
  3. Hand over the Norm
  4. Step in to manage exceptions (if needed)
  5. Hand over the exception
  6. Get out.
The steps given above are made as generic as possible and people are requested to ensure that #1-#6 are taken care of through one or multiple steps, when they plan the transition. The same set of steps can also be followed when we groom a person.

Tom Peters says 'Leaders know when to Leave...". Project Managers should ensure that the transition happens in as seamless a manner as possible, by giving the act the thought and consideration it deserves, and plan accordingly. Hope the steps mentioned above help towards this…

Updated on 6-Jan-2011.
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