Sunday, September 9, 2012

Exercises in Style - An Interesting Read.

On a crowded bus at mid day, the narrator observes one man, accusing of another of deliberately jostling him. The man then occupies an empty seat.The narrator observes him again in another part of the town when the man is advised by a friend in having an additional button to his overcoat.

The book 'Exercises in Style' by Raymond Queneau, retells the above 'unremarkable' story in 99 different ways. Each style or mode is less than a page and occasionally runs into two pages.  the whole book is 121 pages.

The interesting part is not the story as such, but the realization on how the language used changes the story from one mode into to another and gives it a different feel.

The book is fascinating, funny, very creative and kindles your imagination.  And this was originally written in French and i read the translated version.

I would suggest reading one or two story at a time and relishing it. And i leave it to you to decide that, but would strongly recommend this book.

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