Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time for some consolidation...

I have managed to read a good number of books in the last two years. Most of these books are non fiction and i have this habit of reading slowly and taking notes - since i need the time to understand. These notes are in sheets of paper, writings along the margin or underlined paragraphs with comments. Yes i do underline with a pencil and it doesn't matter as i own these books :)

Now since most of this learning and the insights i get from reading these books very useful for the job i do and/or my areas of interest ( behavioral finance,  learning and psychology), i am now in the process of consolidating the notes and loading them onto this blog. So in the coming days, don't be surprised if you see a good number of posts within a short duration. This is also the reason for lull in activity in this blog.

books read  Jun 2009_Mar 2011

The above is a list of books i read since june 2009.

books to be read

The above is a list of books waiting to be read. I hope to atleast finish the books on game theory, decision making and complexity within 2011.

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