Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Interject in a meeting - HBR Article

         Meetings come in different flavours. They can be the plain vanilla Status meetings ( to know where we are on a plan) or the complex colorful falooda Brain storming (coming up with new ideas) meetings. But, whatever be the kind of meeting, it is important that we be heard properly and convey our thoughts. This holds true even if we are just attending a meeting as a listener, planning to learn something. We may still have some questions to ask to clarify your understanding.  we need to do something called "animadvert" aka "speaking up".
        Speaking up is quite difficult for many as it is more than just a matter of catching the right moment in the 30 or 60 minute slot available. For people who are bit timid or hesitant or introverts or dont know when and how to come in a conversation, this 'speaking up' is a very difficult task.
        An article i read in HBR blogs has simplified the interactions that we have in a meeting into scenarios where we want to "say something" or "correct someone" or "ask for some clarification". Based on this, the article goes onto suggest some useful phrases that can be effectively used to "speak up".
         I find the article very useful and to read the complete article, please click here.