Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 commandments :-)

As a project manager, i have the habit of setting upfront expectations with the teams i manage. Setting and Managing expectations with all stakeholders is an important area for any project manager.

Competency in the chosen technical area is an entry criteria for the person to join the team and the level of competency determines the role. The following list focuses on software engineering principles and soft skills.

Following is a listI have the Following is the list i shared with my team for one of my bigger projects.

  1. Adherence to Schedule
  2. Low number of Defects in coding or documentation
  3. Adherence to Coding Standards
  4. Be a Proactive person
  5. Share Knowledge and Help team members at Work.
  6. Be a Team Player.
  7. Dedication to work on hand.
  8. Positive Attitude
  9. Put the project interest above personal Interest
  10. When struck with some problem, ask for help without wasting too much of time.
While the list may vary based on the project, it is always good to have such a list.

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