Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now that you have a plan in place...what do you do?

You are the Project Manager. You have the Project Plan and Schedule in place. You have the resources allocated to the project. You also have a Risk Plan as a part of your Project Plan.

Now what do you do? Will you just track all the plans or do you also do something more? 

For example, do you go around and talk to people closer to the action? Do you ask them questions?


If questions, what will you ask? And if it is only one question what will that be?

From my experience, the one question that brings lot of value is asking people, ‘Now that we have a plan in place, what all do you think can go wrong?’. 

Asked right, this question shakes people out of the good feel ( that all of us get when we have completed planning and resources on boarded) and makes them think about what all can NOT work out as per plan.

Do the stake holders feel comfortable talking to you? Do they share the good and bad with you? All these matter a lot. 

But what is important is that the question is asked, answers got, analyzed and implemented. Don't get me wrong. this is not about being pessimistic. But about being as realistic as possible.

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