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Latest Trends in Payments Industry

I have given below a presentation shared in an event hosted by a Chennai based FinTech Company.

This presentation discusses Latest Trends in the Payments Industry from a global perspective. Starts with the increase in digital payments to the the need for banks to re-look at how they approach compliance to REgTechs to Regulatory Sandbox to Open API to Security and Authentication

Latest Trends Payments Industry from Ramanan Jagannathan

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Notes to Self - 'The Phoenix Project - A Novel on IT, DeveOps and Helping Your Business Win'

Notes from the book ‘The Phoenix Project – A Novel on IT, Devops and Helping your Business Win’. 
Conclusion:Must read for people working in Information Technology. Click here to check out the book on Amazon India or below for

This book is about how Bill, who is the acting VP of IT operations of an (Imaginary) company called Parts Unlimited, organizes work flow, streamlines interdepartmental communications and serves other business functions of parts Unlimited. Bill does this  under the guidance of Erik , a prospective board member, and Erik’s mysterious philosophy called three ways . People who are aware of Eliyahu Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints, as expounded in the seminal classic ‘ The Goal’ will find themselves completely at home with the book. 
A project way behind schedule and budget over-run, an IT department that is not able to respond to business demands fast enough that results in a scenario where IT department that may be outsourced in 90 days, makes it fast paced…

Important Reading - 2016

Books read 2016
Being Mortal by Atul Gawande 

What happens to the body as we age, the transformation of old age care, geriatrics , hospice care, the transformation of society from a joint family system to a nuclear family set up, more elderly people living alone, the troubles they face, why taking care of sick or terminally ill people at home is better, what is the point at which medical intervention should stop and nature allowed to take its course ? a very interesting thought provoking book. I see it more relevant for indian context because the social network that existed in my grandmothers time ( when we took care of her at home during her last days with doctor visits and help from family members) is no longer around and no longer feasible too…
Verdict: Must Read
Quiet by Susan Cain
For a long time, I thought of myself as Shy till my friends told me that I talk well with people I know or on subjects that I know. I realized later that I am what people call as Introvert . And unfortunatel…

Blockchain - A Paradigm Shift

This is my recent presentation on why the concept of Blockchain is a paradigm shift. 

This presentation elaborates on why the blockchain is a paradigm shift across industries. It starts with the issues with online transactions at present. Gives a brief technical overview of the evolution of cryptocurrency, bitcoins, blockchain , smart contract and types of blockchain. It then talks about the global financial industry , its short comings, why blockchain will disrupt, opinion of leading banks on the technology, potential areas of application, World Economic Forum's report on Blockchain, concerns around blockchain implementation and ICICI's use of the technology for transactions. it ends with suggestions for further exploration. 

Technology focus is limited in this presentation and please do watch out this blog for a more technical overview

BlockChain A Paradigm Shift by JRlalgudi on Scribd

Explainers, Elucidators and Enchanters...

BrainPickings has been one of my favorite sites, ever since i discovered it a few years back. It is one place , in fact the only place that you have to visit to cater to your curiosity.

The plus point is that we get so many book recommendations. so many in fact that i find difficult to keep up with that.

This particular post is built around Science writing and as a student of science and good science writing, i like the way how it is presented. More importantly, belive this can be extended to all good writing.

This is how the post explains the different categories of great writing

Explainersmake information clear and comprehensible. 

Elucidators go beyond information and integrate various bits of knowledge into a larger framework of comprehension

Enchanters do all of the above, but go beyond the realm of knowledge and into the realm of wisdom. They provide a different level of understanding that is otherwise impossible to get.

Please read the complete post here and do check out the book reco…

"The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge" - Notes to Self

Why this article is important: It reminds us that the advances in science and technology owe itself to  the advances in fundamental science. More importantly, the research in fundamental sciences weren't and aren't  done with the aim of arriving at something immediately useful to mankind. And all this was and is done only with the purpose of satiating a human being's curiosity. Hopefully this will answer queries about the need for  research, be it Large Hadron Collider or Chandrayan or Mangalyan ( India's Mars Mission) or The Voyager or...

I chanced upon this article titled 'The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge' by Abraham Flexner written in 1939. The article starts with the author telling the readers towards the end of the first paragraph  "I shall concern myself with the question of the extent to which the pursuit of these useless satisfactions proves unexpectedly the source from which undreamed-of utility is derived." It moves on to the question of …

From 'Management by Objectives' to 'Strategic Project Management'

What follows below is a draft that examines the evolution of management from Management by Objectives (MBO) to Strategic Project Management. It shows how Project Management and Management by Projects are different. It discusses about the present state of Project success and shows how the lack of a clear strategy is a major reason for project failure in organizations. It introduces the concept of “strategic project management” and presents it as a solution to the problems faced by organization, elaborates on the concepts, implementation and also mentions how traditional project management plays a key part in strategic project management.Objective is to educate the reader about the importance of project management as a strategic competency and its relevance in a fast changing world where aligning organizational objectives with flawless project execution is a key differentiator. 
Since this is a draft, feedback / criticism is welcome.
We can’t but wonder about the kind of pro…