Thursday, October 27, 2016

Explainers, Elucidators and Enchanters...

BrainPickings has been one of my favorite sites, ever since i discovered it a few years back. It is one place , in fact the only place that you have to visit to cater to your curiosity.

The plus point is that we get so many book recommendations. so many in fact that i find difficult to keep up with that.

This particular post is built around Science writing and as a student of science and good science writing, i like the way how it is presented. More importantly, belive this can be extended to all good writing.

This is how the post explains the different categories of great writing

Explainers make information clear and comprehensible. 

Elucidators go beyond information and integrate various bits of knowledge into a larger framework of comprehension

Enchanters do all of the above, but go beyond the realm of knowledge and into the realm of wisdom. They provide a different level of understanding that is otherwise impossible to get.

Please read the complete post here and do check out the book recommendations too..

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